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Downhill Hill Bomber

Many people claim
"JD....that skater is just crazy
Look at those hills!,
I'd never attempt that run....
I know, Lets get JD to bomb that run
He is FREAKIN crazy...He'll do it!"

1st Lets get the FACTS straight:
* I am far from crazy.
My experience shines....,
To the point where I will attempt
What few others will not. I live for a adrenaline Rush...,
Not a hospital appearance!

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Although always considered "Extreme"
JD never wanted any glory, fame or exposure
for riding a skateboard......
to JD it was all about Speed that was equally matched
with a "Free Flowing" style. A personal inside
feeling of concoring a Hill at Break-neck speeds.

Now a feeling of compition after seeing down hill skateboarding on such events as the Gravity games has been sublimanly planted.
and JD Qoutes:

"Watching the camaraderie among the top pro skaters along with their positive "can do" attitude
brings out my new found yearning in me to prove...
Yeah, I've been doing this for years and I'm positive
I can compete very easily amongst these elite cats. See ya in 2003"

JD now rides exclusivly for Jeff Yarrington @ Team BOZI

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